Tourers photos

Tourers can refer to any bike capable of traveling long distances with dry storage capacity, but typically, they fall into one of three sub-categories; American-style tourers, sport-tourers and adventure-tourers. The former tend to be low, wide and heavy with large engines that are usually the better part of two liters. Front fairings and windshields provide some protection from the elements, and many feature a pair of hard bags and a voluminous top case for storage plus an extensive sound system and Infotainment interface. Sport-tourers are the sportbike equivalent. They tend to have the same general shape as a sportbike/crotch rocket, but are heavier with a priority on both comfort and speed. Lastly, adventure bikes are particularly well-suited to touring as they can be set up with windshields, hard bags and they generally come with creature comforts built in such as heated handgrips/seats and electrically adjustable windscreen. No matter which you choose, it will prefer the open road to close urban traffic and have a tendency toward straight-line stability at the expense of cornering. (H-D Electra Glide, Indian Roadmaster, Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager.)