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2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite

2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite

It’s Nostalgia. It’s sumptuous. It’s self-indulgence.

It is basically all possible "adjectives" that describes exactly those things. This right here is the cream of the crop of Indian motorcycles and is heading to raise the bar for comfort, convenience, power, style, infotainment, craftsmanship and most important of all - confidence. It is everything the Roadmasterstood for, and this time, this Elite rises higher with the industry-leading Ride Command system, a 300-watt premium audio system, chrome front and rear bumpers, passenger armrests and stylish pinnacle mirrors.

For the year 2018, this American oldest brand will give the world a brand new lineage of motorcycles that are sophisticated and technologically packed while keeping the core values of its predecessors intact of being the vintage charmers. One of them will be this Indian Roadmaster Elite which is the most ultra-premium of all Indians and the only one to get real 23K gold leaf badging on the tank. Real Gold.

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