Trikes videos

Trikes, by definition, have three wheels on an otherwise motorcycle-like chassis and are an alternative for people who won't/can't hold a two-wheeler up. Kits are available to turn almost any cruiser/tourer into a trike, but right now, the only old-school production trikes are coming from H-D – “old school” being defined as having two rear wheels and a single front wheel. Can-Am (for instance) offers an alternative Delta configuration that has two wheels up front for steerage and a rear wheel for drive. Not only do trikes come as a self-supporting unit, but like the Ural, they typically come with reverse for easy parking-lot maneuvers. Also worth a mention is Suzuki's Niken that brings two-up-front technology to the sport-tour segment, and unlike the Can-Am, it will lean into the turns just like a bike. (H-D Freewheeler/Tri Glide, Can-Am Spyder/Ryker.)