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Which motorcycles on sale today give the best mpg?

Which motorcycles on sale today give the best mpg?

And a guide to help you extract maximum mileage off a tank of fuel from your motorcycle

The beginning of this century saw the world views changing gradually towards climate change and the need to preserve the environment. This, along with stringent policies, has forced the manufacturers to develop motorcycles that can run cleaner fuel and extract the maximum economy from it, sometimes even at the cost of performance.

Bad news for people who seek the element of thrill, but a pretty good one for someone living in urban jungles where folks prefer commuting on a motorcycle rather thank a car for its practicality and frugal fuel-efficiency. Then there are us few who love the idea of putting serious miles on two-wheels and living the adventure.

We here have compiled a list to give you the best available tools for such situations and save some money on gas while at it.

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Triumph's special 'Dapper Bonnie DGR100' turns out to be a really special gesture.

Triumph’s special ’Dapper Bonnie DGR100’ turns out to be a really special gesture.

A custom Triumph T100 Bonneville for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR)

After seeing a smart sharply-dressed chap astride a vintage classic motorcycle, Australian Mark Hawwa etched a grand plan to banish the negative take on biker image and started up a charity event in 2012 called as ’Movember’. it raises awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and suicide prevention and was attended by 2,500 dapper ladies and gentlemen.

For this 2017 chapter, British legendary motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph, was the official DGR motorcycle partner. They created a one-off custom T100 Bonneville christened as the Triumph ‘Dapper Bonnie DGR100’ and was ridden across London’s finest establishments by Phil Green, an A&E nurse who was diagnosed with prostate cancer seven years ago.

As a surprise gesture, Triumph asked Phil to take the special Bonnie back home with him since it was his to keep.

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