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2016 - 2018 Vespa Sprint 150

2016 - 2018 Vespa Sprint 150

The Return of the "Vespino"

Harkening back to the time when sporty scooters were ridden by the young and beautiful, the Sprint and its "Sport Collection" sibling, the Sprint S, are a marriage of old world design and technology. I’m not going to say "vintage," but it’s more like the first really sexy update of the vintage designs we saw in the 1960s and maybe into the 1970s. Vespa touts this as the return of the "Vespino" — a sporty small-body scooter. With a maximum speed of 59 mph, you’re not heading on the highway with this little guy, but for spins around town, on the campus and local commutes, the Sprint is a sweet little ride.

Continue reading for my review of the Vespa Sprint 150.

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