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2017 Victory Octane

2017 Victory Octane

Victory uses its success in the power-cruiser sector as a springboard into the burgeoning, performance-oriented American-made bike market. The Victory Octane leads the charge against opponents such as the V-Rod from Harley-Davidson, and perhaps the Indian Scout, and is meant for buyers looking for a domestic muscle bike that doesn’t fit in the Harley Breakout or Star Raider mold — buyers who are looking for something a little more progressive and a little less constrained by classic design considerations.

This is an important step for Victory since H-D is still king of the cruisers with Indian close behind and there isn’t a lot of room in the market for more cruisers, especially since the aforementioned companies are packing more punch into their powerplants nowadays. I believe Victory has found a niche, and is attempting to fill it. Let’s take a look at the filling, shall we?

Continue reading for my first look at the Victory Octane.

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