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2011 Yamaha C3

2011 Yamaha C3

You know what they say about riding on something that just reaches its destination? Well, that’s a pretty accurate description for the Yamaha C3.

The scooter’s trendy “box” design inspired the name ’C3,’ it accentuates cubic space and stresses retro functionality and simplicity designed for individual customization. The overall shape of the scooter gives it great storage capacity, hitting up to about 9 gallons. It also has a wide, comfortable seat that sits 28.9" from the pavement, as well as an instrument display that provides all the necessary information for the rider, including the speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, high-beam indicator light, and engine management indicator lights. The C3 also has an optional rear rack and an optional windscreen to protect you from wind and debris while you race down the road at 40 mph.

A large-diameter steel-tube frame provides strength, long life, and
great handling for the C3, while a 49cc fuel-injected four-stroke engine that’s quiet, powerful, and extremely low-maintenance serves as the scooter’s powertrain. It’s not the most powerful scooter on the block, but it sure is a lot of fun to drive. The scooter has electronic fuel injection, easy cold starts, and a 19mm Mikuni throttle body that provides optimal mixture in all conditions. Finally, an electric starter and a backup kick start allow for easy drive-ability.

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