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2012 Yamaha Slider Naked

2012 Yamaha Slider Naked

A scooter can be many things, but it should always be pleasurable. With the Yamaha Slider Naked, you have a raw, street-ready design that comes blended with a strong, reliable engine and easy twist-and-go transmission.

The Yamaha Slider Naked comes with a minimalist design, a back-to-basics style that can handle the demands of city living, making the streets to be your playground. The bike’s lightweight structure provides great handling and gives you real feel for the road while the naked streetfighter-style handlebar responds to your every move. Under your feet, the flat footboard provides the maximum liveliness. The Slider Naked is built for hard, tough riding in the addition to the tricks. The unique side protectors help in avoiding the bumps and scrapes. Long suspension, powerful disc and drum brakes, plus big 13inch wheels add to its streetfighter style. With this Yamaha Slider, you will get all of the pleasure and a different riding experience.

Add in a 50cc single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke engine and you get a scooter that’s built to give its owners a pleasurable ride.

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