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2011 - 2017 Yamaha Stryker

2011 - 2017 Yamaha Stryker

It certainly seems that if you wait long enough, just about everything comes back in fashion after about 25 years or so. An anecdotal case in point would be tie-dye t-shirts. I could have puked when they came back into fashion sometime around ’05, and my mother told me how many hundreds of shirts she had thrown away, thinking they would never come back. So it seems also with the chopper look that was so popular in the ’60s and ’70s. The difference now is that manufacturers are producing showroom choppers with rake values that come close to some of the radical rides from that era. I haven’t seen any genuine stretch in the downtubes yet, but there’s always next year I suppose. Star — now folded back under the Yamaha umbrella— introduced the Stryker back in 2011 to take advantage of the resurgent popularity of the chopped look, and here we are in 2017. The “showroom chopper” race is definitely heating up with more manufacturers looking to break into the niche, so let’s take a look at the Star contender in the form of the Stryker.

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