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Red Bull Racing conducts NASCAR pit stop in Times Square

Red Bull Racing conducts NASCAR pit stop in Times Square

If you’re strolling the streets of New York, by now you should expect that anything can happen at any given time. Apparently, the people in Times Square didn’t seem to get the memo as they witnessed a NASCAR team conducting an actual pit stop right smack dab in he middle of the world famous landmark.

We’re guessing that the Red Bull Racing Team, which included driver Brian Vickers and a full assembly of the Red Bull mechanics and pit crew, didn’t get lost on its way to Michigan for Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series race so we’re venturing to say that this is some form of guerilla marketing destined for the internet, it lends a little support to Red Bull in the process. Judging from the stunned and baffled looks on the faces of the crowd while watching the team perform an actual tire change outside of the McDonald’s in Time Square, it’s safe to assume that they didn’t know what the heck was going on. Either way, advertising – be it or good or confusing – is still advertising, and the 20.6 second pitstop certainly made all those people in the area stand up and take notice. Whether that translates to more TV viewers in the New York area is an entirely different matter.

But what the heck, it worked didn’t it? How else do you explain the thousands of hits it has garnered on YouTube.

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