After the incident in the Turkish Grand Prix, when Hamilton got a tyre failure, Bridgestone believes that this was caused by a phenomenon called chunking.

Hirohide Hamashima, the director of motorsport tyre development took the tyre from the Turkish Grand Prix and with the help of some analysis will discover, said that the Japanese tyre manufacturer, the reason that caused the failure.

Maybe some of you don’t know what "chunking" means. So, this happens when small bits of rubber get stuck to the tyre and eventually damage the tyre underneath.

"Lewis was suffering from heavy understeer in Turn Eight and in order to correct that, he was turning the steering wheel a bit more.This produced the ’chunking’, which then got hardened as he braked for Turn Nine. It seems that there was an extra force applied to where the chunk was, and this delaminated the tyre." explained Mr. Hamashima.

Bridgestone wants now to try and find out what was the reason for that to happen due to the fact that several drivers experienced the same thing Sunday, at Istanbul Park.

George Grand
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