Max Mosley, FIA president, is afraid of the impact that Lewis Hamilton brilliant season on Formula One. He fears Formula 1 may be in for a repeat of the “Schumacher effect” if Lewis Hamilton matches his sensational debut year success in 2008 and beyond. Mosley feels that if Hamilton will go on to repeat his form in the coming years then it could have an adverse effect on the sport.

Hamilton, the first black F1 driver, produced four wins and nine podium finishes in a row in his opening nine races but lost the title by one point to Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen of Finland.

Mosley told the BBC his impression about Hamilton’s performance: “If it wasn’t him it would be either Rosberg or Kubica or one of the other new stars. I think there’s a tendency to exaggerate the importance of Lewis Hamilton.”

Max Mosley fears Hamilton's success
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Max Mosley

Mosley declared that Hamilton will obtain the same performance next season: “It will start to be negative because we’ll get the Schumacher effect where people start writing to me saying, ’can’t you do something to slow him down’?

Mosley agrees that Hamilton helped raise the audience of Formula 1 mostly because he’s a “new face” and he didn’t come “from a rich background”, but believes that this season would have been spectacular whit out him.

McLaren have appealed against the decision by the race stewards not to disqualify BMW Sauber and Williams from the Brazilian Grand Prix after they used fuel that was too cold. And if their drivers, who filled the three places ahead of Hamilton, were kicked out at the November 15 appeal, Hamilton could move up from seventh to fourth and gain the points he needs to take the title.

Max Mosley fears Hamilton's success
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Lewis Hamilton

Mosley said about the possibility of changing this season driver’s championship winner after the appeal: “it’s very unlikely because even if they excluded those cars they are not obliged to reclassify Hamilton. There’s absolutely no need, if they don’t wish to, to change the position that Hamilton was in.

My opinion is that Mosley exaggerates the effect that Lewis Hamilton could have on Formula One because this season a lot of young drivers obtain good results: Alonso, Massa, Kubika, Kovalainen and Rosberg, and I believe that if their teams offer them good cars the next season will be even more exciting than this one.

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  (372) posted on 10.31.2007

Why doesn’t Max Mosley just tell the truth? He thinks Lewis Hamilton is a degradation of Formula 1. The door has been opened for his "kind" and too much of that is not good, you understand. It took 61 years for his "kind" to make it and when the first of his "kind" arrived, the saw, and they kicked ass. Embarassing. Hitler must be turning in his grave. First Jesse Owens and now Lewis Hamilton?!? But like I have said on these pages, we don’t have to be bothered too much. Sir Max can’t live forever.

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