McLaren won the Racing Car of the Year Award

After a busy year, in which they were accused of stealing Ferrari’s secrets, after being disqualified from the Formula One’s Constructor Championship, that they could easily have won, after their driver Lewis Hamilton lost the Driver Championship by 2 points, finally McLaren can be happy. They have a better car than Ferrari. A car that won eight of Formula One’s 17 races, a car – MP4-22 – that won the Racing Car of the Year award at the Autosport Awards ceremony held in London.

Paddy Lowe, the engineering director of McLaren’s car, declared after he received the prize that all the team is proud to take that prize. He also said: “It was a very, very fantastic year. I really enjoyed it and, despite the politics, the team did a fantastic job.”

Just keep the good work McLaren!

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pdaix  (431) posted on 12.3.2007

That is a funny comment smiley point taken, well made smiley

Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 12.3.2007

Oh right, I guess Ferrari deserves the award, as it is their car

Ferrari330P4  (36) posted on 12.3.2007

Yeh it is great for McLaren that they won an award based in their home country ppeh ANY other country, and it wouldn’t have been them. Might as well call it the British only race car of the year award

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