• New evidence in the Ferrari-McLaren spy case


FIA officials revealed the fact that it had received new evidence related to the spying controversy that involved McLaren and Ferrari.

"Following receipt of new evidence, the World Motor Sport Council has been reconvened for a hearing in Paris on September 13,"said the officials.The officials didn’t want to reveal the new evidence so for this we must wait for the 13th of September. Let’s hope this day will not bring bad luck to McLaren.

In July the FIA decided not to impose any penalty to McLaren due to the fact that there were insufficient evidence but now it seems that things are changed. The officials said in July that if any evidence is found McLaren will be invited in front of the WMSC where it will face the possibility of exclusion from not only the 2007 championship but also the 2008 championship

In the current championship McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton leads his team mate Fernando Alonso.On the 3rd and 4th place are Ferrari’s drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. This means that if McLaren will be found guilty the new leader of the F1 championship will be Ferrari. But for this we have to wait,as we said earlier,almost 1 week untill the 13th.

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steves  (103) posted on 09.6.2007

I am a McLaren fan, and disappointed.

steves  (60) posted on 09.6.2007

I’m with Ferrari smiley

steves  (132) posted on 09.6.2007

doubt anything conclusive will show up soon

steves  (11) posted on 09.6.2007

It wouldn’t be "bad luck" for McLaren. More like its just deserts.

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