• Red Bull will race with 30,000 fans at Silverstone

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This weekend at Silverstone David Coulthard and Mark Webber will race their Red Bull Racing RB3s painted with 30,000 faces.Instead of the traditional corporate sponsorship and blue and red team colours, the bodywork of the two RB3s will be plastered with photographs of fans.The “Faces For Charity” initiative was announced at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix with the aim of raising money for Wings For Life, a charity that supports research into a cure for paralysis caused by back injuries. The charity was set up by Austrian motocross rider Heinz Kinigadner.

Red Bull will race with 30,000 fans at Silverstone
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After last week, the finished artwork was printed onto large sheets of vinyl, ready to be applied to the two monoposts of the Redbull Racing team. With the British race taking place so soon after last weekend’s French event, the team rushed Coulthard’s car back from Magny-Cours on Sunday night to begin work. Finishing touches to both Red Bulls will take place on Wednesday in the squad’s garage at Silverstone.

A total of 30,000 photos were uploaded onto a special web site by fans who have pledged money to the charity.These photos were then turned into finished artwork, transformed into decals and applied to David’s and Mark’s cars. The stickering process was complicated by the fact that the British GP weekend follows straight on from the race in France.

Red Bull will race with 30,000 fans at Silverstone
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Coulthard’s car was rushed back to the UK on Sunday night so the work could begin, with Webber’s car following on the race truck. Fans chose where on the car they want their photo and a template for each car was produced before being printed onto one large sheet of vinyl.

The race engineers had their point of view in this action for charity, and they avoided to put the stickers on the front and rear wings and the leading edges to ensure the aerodynamic integrity of the cars.

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