Flavio Briatore has become particularly outspoken about McLaren’s claim that it did not use documents stolen from Ferrari to benefit the McLaren team and better their race results.

"I don’t believe Ron Dennis’s denials,” he said. “In a team everyone knows everything.” (Dennis is the McLaren team manager.)

Briatore also pointed to specific information which he believes helped McLaren: knowing the weight distribution of the Ferrari cars. Renault, like McLaren, was forced to switch to Bridgestone tires this season from the Michelin tires it had used previously. McLaren has had no trouble making the switch, but the switch has not gone smoothly for Renault, who have been struggling all season. 

“Had I known Ferrari’s weight distribution or the size of its fuel tank, we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

The decision by FIA director Max Moseley to refer the matter to the FIA’s Court of Appeal, which will hear the case in September. In announcing the move, the FIA also made it clear that any Formula One team that desires to participate in the hearing will be allowed to do so, not just Ferrari and McLaren.

From what Briatore has told the press, it sound like Renault may be intending to do just that.

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