Spyker revealed the decision to terminate their current contract with one of their drivers, Christijan Albers. Colin Kolles, the Spyker team manager, said that this was a very difficult decision but it was taken due to the commercial difficulties cause by one of Alber’s personal sponsors.

Michiel Mol, the director of Spyler F1 said that this decision was one of the hardest he had to take since he’s been involved in the team.The decision was hard because Albers performances were slowly improving in the Spyker monopost but the non-payment by one of the team sponsors and the financial crisis the team is confronting ended the story between the driver and the Dutch team.

Spyker stops collaboration with Christijan Albers
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Mr. Mol also said that this has nothing to do with Christijan’s performances and that he is pleased with what the driver did for his team.

A replacement for Albers will be announced during this week.It’s still a mystery the new team Albers will compete for.We all know that he wasn’t such a good driver or maybe the car was not so good for him (he retired early in 4 races and his best place in the race was on 14th place...).

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