How is that Fangio needs your help? Well, let me explain you...

There is an argentinian TV show, called "El Gen Argentino - En busca del argentino mas grande", that could be translated to "The argentinian DNA - Searching for the greatest argentine Icon", and this week, its the sport icon.

Wich is the other contester?, well, who else than Diego Armando Maradona.

I think that all motorsport fans should give our suport to Juan Manuel Fangio, at least to make the gap between them smaller than what it could be.

If you want to vote, go to El Gen Argentino and click on "Cruce de la Semana" and on there, click "Vote"

Thanks for your help, and lets give Fangio a push to the finish line

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leyonis  (3) posted on 09.17.2007

People, i want to thank all of u that help on this crusade, and give u the news that fangio won over maradona with 60% of the votes
thank u all smiley

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