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The Front Row Motorsports Racing organization, formed in 2004, is a relatively new team in the Nascar Nextel Cup circuit. FRM is owned by restaurant entrepreneur Bob Jenkins.

FRM is running two Nextel Cup cars in 2007. Kevin Lepage drives car number # 37 and John Andretti drives car number # 34. FRM is in the third full season in Nascar Nextel Cup competition.

Front Row Motorsports
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front row motorsports racing

The #34 car made its debut in 2004 at Atlanta Motor Speedway with Todd Bodine as the official driver. At that time the car featured another sponsor and was called #98 Lucas Oil Chevy. The team’s owner was Chris Edwards and was known as Mach 1 Racing. Bodine didn’t do so much for his team and was replaced by Geoffrey Bodine, his brother, Larry Gunselman, Randy LaJoie, Chad Chaffin and Derrike Cope but nobody obtained victory.

In 2005 the team switched to #34 and planned to run full time but the sponsorship limitations and the lack of performance forced them to run only a limited schedule. Randy LaJoie didn’t show anything for his new team and was quickly replaced by Ted Christopher and P. J. Jones who qualified for a race with the team that year.

Front Row Motorsports
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#37 dodge charger

In 2005 the team was up for sale but this was quickly rescinded. In January 2006 due to their financial problems, the team decided to auction their remaining equipment and the combined team began to race at the Daytona 500 event. LaJoie drove the first two races under the #64 but was quickly replaced by Chad Chaffin. Later Chaffin went to #61 team after Kevin Lepage’s left the team for BAM Racing. After Chaffin, Mike Skinner raced for the team and finished on the 37th position in the 3M Performance 400 event.

Front Row Motorsports
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Bob Jenkins(second from the left)

Skinner was replaced by Johnny Miller who returned to the team for the Infineon event but he did not impress. After him several driver attempted to the team but with no luck. Lepage drove for the rest of the season but he did not obtain any victory.Later the team decided to go part time with John Andretti and Chad Chaffin. Le page switched places with Andretti and he continued to full time while Chaffin left the team in January 2007.

Front Row Motorsports
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#37 front row motorsports

The #37 car’s history begins in 2001 with Hermie Sadler as owner and driver and with another name: Score Motorsports. Sadler drove the car for three races that year and his best finish was 27th position at Dover. In 2002 the team switched from Ford to Chevrolet and from #13 to #02.

In 2005 the team was sold to Stec and with a new sponsorship from PEAK Fitness switched from #02 Chevrolet to #66 Ford. Quickly after this the team switched #66 due to the fact that Haas CNC Racing that Gaas CNC Racing and their sponsor Best Buy asked the team to use number #66 for promotional reasons.

Front Row Motorsports
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#37 Kevin Lepage

After the race from Dover Downs, Sadler was replaced by Mike Garvey and got a new sponsorship from Jani-King. Due to the lack of performances Garvey was replaced by Jimmy Spencer.

Spencer was replaced by Kevin Lepage but he had no victory and was replaced for one race by Hermie Sadler who returned for the team at the Martinsville race.

Front Row Motorsports
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Bob Jenkins(second from the left)

In 2006 the team switched to #61 and got a new sponsorship from AMP Energy Drink and Roadloans. Later, in April the team was sold to Front Row and continued to run full-time for the rest of the season. Lepage was released by FRM and went to BAM Racing and the #49 Dodge Charger. Chaffin became the official driver but Brian Simo drove the #61 car for Infineon event and Boris Said at Watkins Glen International.

In 2007 the team began a partnership with #37 of R&J Racing with John Andretti and Chad Chaffin as the official drivers.

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