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Monster Tajima will challenge Pikes Peak with new Suzuki Sport XL7! He is a representative of a company, but most of all he is a driver! Monster Tajima will be challenging Pikes Peak this year with new machine "Suzuki Sport XL7 Hill Climb Special" to break the record. Last year, Monster came back to Pikes Peak having 5 year break in between and achieved overall win. But he could not beat the record because of bad weather having the course to be shortened. This year, he has got new weapon.

2007 Suzuki Sport XL7 Pikes Peak Review
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pikes peak suzuki

The machine has changed to XL7 which is Suzuki’s new flag ship in U.S.A. V6 VVT(Variable Valve Timing) 3.6 liter engine has been up suited with twin turbo charger, which is now producing 1007ps and 102kg-m. To get a grip on the road, aerodynamics has been refined and now it has increased the downforce of more than 35% compare to 2006 model. Falken has once again made the tyres for this machine. Everything is ready for to break the record.

2007 Suzuki Sport XL7 Pikes Peak Review
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Monster has won last year’s Pikes Peak in severe weather condition. Then 2007 April, he has achieved overall win on "Race to the Sky" in New Zealand, which makes it 5 years in a row, total 8 wins in this event. Showing that he is the true "King of the Mountain" in "Race to the Sky".

2007 Suzuki Sport XL7 Pikes Peak Review
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Monster will aim for 10min. 04sec. 06 which has been marked by Rod Millen in 1994 with Toyota. This year, the race day has moved to mid July. The weather during the day will be very hot, yet you will never know how the mountain area weather changes. This is what makes Pikes Peak one of the difficult, yet challenging event in the world. Final is July 21st. Watch out on Monster Tajima and Suzuki Sport XL7 run up to the clouds!

2007 Suzuki Sport XL7 Pikes Peak Review
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He got his nickname "Monster" from his superb wild driving style. In All Japan Dirt Trial(rally sprint) Championship, he has achieved 9 series wins. In 1988, he started competing in the overseas event which is Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. In 1995, he achieved an overall win for the first time for a Japanese competitor. He repeated it in New Zealand’s "Race to the Sky", winning 8 times the race and that is why the mountain is now called "Tajima’s mountain". He also entered overseas rallies especially the Asia Pacific Rally Championship that he won 5 times in 2WD division.

2007 Suzuki Sport XL7 Pikes Peak Review
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Suzuki Sport XL7 Pikes Peak

The history started on 1983 when he established Monster International Co., Ltd. to help out motorsport competitors. Since then, he has worked together with many motorsport enthusiasts. This contribution has been caught in the eyes of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

In 1986, Suzuki Sport Co., Ltd. was established in order to be in charge of the automobile motorsport program of Suzuki Motor Corporation. Suzuki Sport Co., Ltd. carries out the research and development, manufacturing, and assemblying of competition vehicles.

2007 Suzuki Sport XL7 Pikes Peak Review
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In 2002, the Junior World Rally Championship project has started and "Monster" Tajima has become team principal achieving driver’s champion title in 2004. And since 2006, a new challenge has begun, with the entry in World Rally Championship together with Suzuki. He is now busy as team principal of the WRC project.

In 2006, he went back to Pikes Peak as a driver and achieved overall win. This year, his aim is to break the record !

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