Volkswagen has completed the squad for the 2008 Dakar Rally: Carlos
Sainz / Michel Perin, Giniel de Villiers / Dirk von Zitzewitz, Mark Miller
/ Ralph Pitchford, Dieter Depping and co-driver Timo Gottschalk.

The two times World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz, is driving for the
German automaker from June 2005.Sainz shares the cockpit with the
Frenchman Michel Perin, who is the most succesful co-driver in cross country rallying, winning the Dakar Rally for 3 years in a row, in 1994,1995 and 1996.Perin is a member of the Volkswagen team from 2004.

Carlos Sainz completes Vw's team for Dakar Rally
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Giniel de Villiers finished the rally in the 2nd place with Volkswagen in Villiers shares the cockpit with 15-time German Enduro Champion Dirk von Zitzewitz and has already recorded a brace of victories last year.

American Mark Miller is racing with co-driver Ralph Pitchford.He has
been racing for Volkswagen since 2005 and his best place in a rally was
last year, on the 4th place.

Carlos Sainz completes Vw's team for Dakar Rally
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For Dieter Depping is the 3rd start in the Dakar Rally. The 40 years old driver said that his priorities in the Volkswagen team is to finish the rally,to achieve the best result possible an to support the Volkwagen team.

Looks like Volkswagen created an all start team and is aiming to win
the Dakar Rally with its prepared Touareg. Now let’s see what the
competition has to say about this.

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