Honda FourTrax Rancher

Work or fun, Rancher’s got you covered

In an age of increasing specialization, versatility can be extremely refreshing, and it’s difficult to find a better example of do-it-all effectiveness than Honda’s family of capable FourTrax Rancher ATVs.

No matter the application—whether it's accessing a favorite deer stand, repairing a fence on the back 40, or just exploring the local OHV area with friends—there's a Rancher that’s ideally suited.

Available in eight configurations, the FourTrax Rancher is offered with manual transmission, push-button Electric Shift Program ESP, or automatic DCT,

and there are also choices between IRS and a solid rear axle, as well as 2WD and 4x4.

The 420 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine offers the sort of unrivaled reliability that keeps Rancher owners using their vehicles for many years,

and the spread of power is well suited for almost any situation.

By orienting the crankshaft front to back in the chassis, power flows straight to the wheels reducing powertrain friction and putting more grunt to the ground.

Compact and lighter-weight, the lower center of gravity enhances handling and improved engine design also allows for better ground clearance.

The convenience of push-button shifting with the rugged design of a conventional ATV transmission, that’s what you get with Honda’s exclusive Electric Shift Program (ESP).

Just push one button to upshift and one button to downshift.

Available on Automatic DCT and Electric Shift Program (ESP) models, single-lever electric reverse is convenient and easy to operate.

It’s especially useful when you have to shift from forward to reverse repeatedly, like when you’re plowing snow.

The Rancher’s Honda Automatic DCT transmission offers strong internals, fast shifts, excellent control,

true compression-braking capability, and an automatic program that upshifts and downshifts while you concentrate on riding.

On select Rancher models, the rear swingarm incorporates an enclosed, solid-axle design for strength and rigidity.

When you need to tow a heavy load, the swingarm eliminates rear suspension squat as the load is placed on the axle itself, not on the rear shock.

The Rancher Automatic DCT with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) has over 8 inches of travel and 9 inches of clearance.

It helps ensure constant tire contact with the ground for superior traction and it gives you a smooth ride over rough terrain, so you don’t get beat up on the trail.

Both speed- and torque-sensitive, Honda's Electric Power Steering (on Rancher EPS models) excels at reducing steering effort and kickback through the handlebar.

It's a big help when riding in ruts, over rocks or on long sidehills.

The Rancher’s racks feature strong, steel construction, and they include a large flat area.

They’re designed to integrate with the Honda Pro-Connect™ system that lets you quickly attach and detach accessories like our cargo boxes, without tools, for added flexibility and convenience.

MSRP in the Honda FourTrax Rancher starts at $5.5k for the base model and runs up to $8.2k for the 4x4 DCT IRS EPS model.

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