10 Awesome Facts About the Ferrari 296 GTB's Twin-Turbo V-6 Engine

The Ferrari 296 GTB Engine is an engineering masterpiece and here’s what makes it special

The F163 engine is much more than a V-8 with two cylinders chopped off

It currently has the highest specific output of any other road car engine - 218 hp/liter

Or 277 hp/liter if you count the electric motor

The engine alone produces 654 hp at 8,000 RPM and 818 hp with the electric motor

The V-6 unit is made from a new alloy that's both light and strong

The combustion chambers come from the SF90, but are revised for better inlet flow

A 120-degree V-angle means lower center of mass, better heat dissipation, and response

Its revised turbochargers are capable of spinning up to 180,000 RPM

the ultra-high pressure fuel injectors deliver fuel at over 5,000 PSI

The intake manifolds are made from thermo-resistant plastic to save weight

there's even a more streamlined exhaust system that's made from Inconel

The engine is aided by an axial flux electric motor mounted between the engine and gearbox that gives additional 165 hp

A special clutch can disengage the electric motor from the engine, which allows for 15.5 miles of electric range

Ferrari also promises a V-12-like soundtrack from the twin-turbo V-6

The V-6 hybrid powertrain works with a lightning-quick 8-speed DCT that can rival Porsche's PDK

There is also an electronically-controlled limited-slip differential

All that contributes to impressive performance figures

0-60 mph - 2.8 seconds, 0-124 mph - 7.3 seconds, top speed - 206 mph

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