1999 Mercedes-Benz CLR: The story of how Mercedes accidentally made an airplane instead of a racecar

The Mercedes CLR is a car that thinks its an airplane, and it proved it on three different occasions

The Mercedes CLR was developed specifically for the LeMans circuit

Mercedes AMG wanted to dominate LeMans liek they dominated the FIA GT1 class

It was an evolution of the alread extreme Mercedes CLK GTR, loosely-based on the road-going CLK

However, the car immediately displayed airplane-like behavior

It flipped on three different occasions

Large overhangs was one of the reasons for the car's flipping tendencies

The car was more prone to dive under braking and squat during acceleration

Almost no pitch-angle meant the CLR was too slippery to stay grounded

Almost no pitch angle resulted in front-end lift

The crest on the Mulsanne straight helped alter the pitch angle past the "point of no return"

The three flips happened on the exact same spot

Changes were made because of the CLR

The allowed overhang length was shortened, as was the hill on the Mulsanne straight

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