20 Affordable Classic Cars You Don't Want to Pass Up

Our pick of 20 Classic cars (10 American Cars + 10 Imports) that can be had for under 20 grand

If you thought classic cars was an expensive hobby, think again

Yes, yes, I totally agree that keeping her going may not be the easiest thing in the world, but wouldn't it be well worth the effort when you see it sitting out nice and shiny on your drive way

Now sure if you're looking at a Concours style car or a collectors car, prices could shoot into the stratosphere, but you can get into classic cars for so much less, sub $20k?

Well, that's exactly what I managed to dig up on hemmings. A list of 20 cars, 10 American and 10 imports, all of which cost under sub 20 grand

Having said that you need to look for something with sensible miles along with a good history. Also, be on the look out for rust, I can't stress this enough

My list is made up of some obvious ones like the Corvette

And the Mustang

And not so obvious models like the MKII Jag

And the Alfa Romeo Spider

This Japanese car, i.e the Datsun 240 Z also made it to my list along with an off-roader, can you guess which one?

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