6 Awesome Porsche Conversions That You Have to See

These Porsche Conversions Will Blow Your Mind

996 to 997 Conversions are, by far, the most common ones out there

This one is done by Prior Design and is based on a 996 Cabriolet

Hamann also did a 996 to 997 conversion

This one is based on the 996 Turbo

Classic Porsche 911s are expensive, but Ludic has got your back, with this 996 to First Generation conversion

No one buys a Boxster for the practicality, but...

...if, for some reason, you want to, a Dutch company can convert your Boxster into a Shooting brake

The Shooting brake adopts a 997 GT3 front end, while featuring 991 elements in the back

Underneath what looks like a 959 is a 993 Turbo S. Back in 2016, someone asked $335,000 for it

Formelly owned by a German racing driver and converted by Auto Becker after an accident

This 959 Cabriolet is a one-off

You'd never guess that there is a Boxster 987 underneath this handmade 991 GT3 RS body

DIY specialist Paul Lucas is responsible for this extensive conversion and we love it!

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