A Very Special 1994 Mercedes W124 Brabus 6.5 Recently Emerged From The Shadows

This 1 of 1 W124 Brabus 6.5 is even more special than the 500E and E60 AMG "Hammer", and you probably didn’t even know about It

This is the ultimate Mercedes W124 and its made by BRABUS

It's also the only E60 AMG-based W124 finished in this color

It has a bigger and more powerful version of the M119 V-8

It's now 391 cubic inches (6,409 cc) and makes 450 hp and 489 lb/ft

The car has never undergone full restoration

Nevertheless, the BRABUS 6.5 has held up remarkably well, thanks to the extensive maintenance, most of which is neatly documented

The Star of many shows

It attended many events, while owned by the Academic AMG Owners Club, where it was well-taken care of

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