2022 AC Cobra Series 4-electric

The AC Cobra is now available with an electric powertrain, but retains the same, iconic exterior design

With changing times, AC Cars has also decided to jump the wagon and electrify its iconic sports car, the Cobra

Moniker’d the AC Cobra Series 4–electric, the company calls it ‘The AC Cobra updated for a new age’

The Series 4-electric is based on the AC Cobra Mk IV and looks identical to the internal combustion-engined model

AC Cars is offering the Cobra Series 4-electric in four special editions and four blacked out special editions with a chrome delete.

The car will be offered in two trims - 230kW and 460kW

The Cobra 230 makes 308 horses and 184 pound-feet of continuous torque. It delivers up to 369 pound-feet of torque at peak

It can sprint to 62 mph from a standstill in 4.9 seconds

The Cobra 430 produces 617 horses and 369 pound-feet of continuous. The peak torque is rated at 738 pound-feet

This model is quicker and takes just 3.9 seconds to sprint to 62 mph from rest

The Cobra 460 weighs 2,733 pounds, whereas the 230 is 110 pounds lighter

Both the AC Cobra Series 4-Electric models come with a 54 kWh battery pack. On the 230, the estimated range is 190 miles, and on the 460, it is 160 miles

AC Cars has priced the Cobra Series 4-electric 230 at £148,000 and 460 at £168,000, both before taxes. This is approximately $209,000 and $237,000, respectively, as per the current exchange rates

The first customer deliveries will begin in late 2021

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