2021 Audi Grand Sphere Concept - A New Direction for Audi and The Next-Gen A8

The flagship electric offering from Ingolstadt will look radically different and set a new design direction for all future Audi’s

Yes, you heard that right. Audi's successor A8 will be an EV wagon with an emphasis on Luxury Touring. Remember the Landjet concept from last year?

The design team was asked to think out the box and were given the freedom to come up with something radically different defying convention

Audi wants the interior of their cars to be the next best place to relax after your home and office. It will be a lounge on wheels

With the steering having the ability to retract into the dash. The car will be capable of level 4 autonomous driving

So that you can take your hands off the wheel and relax, while your Audi whizzes to your destination

With the Grand Sphere, Audi designers want to showcase a new direction that the brand wants to take for all future EVs expect to see this concept at IAA in September


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