2023 BMW M4 CS/CSL

Looks like BMW is hard at work turning the M4 into an even meaner track rocket

The upcoming BMW M4 CS/CSL has been caught testing again!

As you probably know by now, BMW is working on a hotter version of the M4

And rumors suggest it will go into production in July, 2022

The M4 CS will have a more aggressive look, with a more prominent front splitter with winglets mounted

At the rear there will be a bigger rear spoiler and bigger diffusor

And the car will ride on a new set with multi spoke wheels combined with carbon-ceramic brakes

The suspension will also be updated and the car will be fitted with a titanium exhaust system

The M4 CS will also be lighter thanks to the use of more lightweight materials and the lack of the rear seat

Under the hood the 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six will be updated to deliver up to 530 horsepower, so we expect a faster 0 to 60 mph sprint time too

Expect to see the car by the end of 2021 when we will also find out if it will wear the CS or the CSL moniker

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