2007 Going Flat Out on the Autobahn in a 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

American Muslce meets the German Autobahn. With no speedlimits to worry about, this brute effortlessly gets to its topspeed

Max from AutoTopNL takes this '07 Shelby GT500 for a blast on the famed de-restricted German Autobahn

The YouTubers, who are based in the Netherlands often pop over the border into Germany to carry out their high speed runs in some serious machines

The GT500 name was revived in its modern avatar back in 2007

The original Gt500 was made in the good old days of Caroll Shelby himself, from '67 through '70, the same time during when Ford was dominating at Le Mans

The one we're looking at today belongs to Tom, who has not one but two Mustangs

Painted in the classic shade of white, with two-pin strips running down the middle, you can't find a Ford badge, but a Cobra instead

Moving to the side, you have 18" SVT wheels with Ford performance brakes, which the standard model did not get

You really get a chance to appreciate the strips when viewed from the side

From back, the car looks just as nice, with yet another Cobra badge, a spoiler on the trunk, and the Shelby written proudly on the tail gate

In this age of downsizing and fake exhausts, it's refreshing to see a pair of proper pipes amidst the diffuser

Next, it was time to pop the hood

Under the hood likes a 5.4L V-8 engine with an iron block, that produces 506 HP & 413 lb-ft of torque

Tom has carried out two mods, one of which is a new cold air intake for even more power and the second being a bypass valve for an even more throatier exhaust note

Max then goes on to take a look at the interior

This Mustang is from '07, its cheap plastic throughout, but who buys a Pony car for the build quality. The real reason for getting one is the phenomenal drive and value that these cars offer

Modern muscle cars even have that element covered. Max then fires up the GT500 and you have to take a listen to the rumble of that V-8

He says that it sounds like Detroit in the '60. With that he's off to the Autobahn

On the way, he does some quick flybys with the windows down, where he gets to hear that V-8 monter of an engine

Before you know it, Max is on the entrance ramp of the Autobahn

Once he is on it, he opens the taps and goes flat out. The GT500 red lines at 6000 rpm and tops out at 160 mph. Max thinks that this thing will easily top 180 mph, given the space

With a live rear axle and RWD, the GT500 is tail happy and the handling is entertaining to say the least. He turns around and goes for another run on the Autobahn

While the guys at AutoTopNL have driven some serious exotics which includes the likes of countless V-12

You can't ignore the simplicity and brutish power that powers these Muscle cars. Swipe Up to get a more indepth overview on this beautiful GT500 from the Neatherlands.


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