2021 Marc Phillipp Gemballa Marsien - a Modern Take on the Iconic Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar Winner

The Marc Phillipp Gemballa Marsien is a throwback to the Porsche 959 Safari with epic design cues

If you're a Porsche fan, you might be familiar with the Gemballa name. Feast your eyes on the new Gemballa Marsien

The Marsien is the first project under Marc Phillipe Gemballa's new venture

The car takes inspiration from one of the most iconic cars in the automotive world, the Porsche 959 Safari from the mid 80s

As a concept, the car was dubbed Project Sandbox and was designed by Alan Derosier in Germany

Marc's dream was finally realised with the Marsien. It took him more than two years to conceive this project

Seen tackling the Arabian dunes here

The car based on the 992-gen Porsche 911 Turbo S and features a bespoke full carbon fiber body

With several partners like RUF and KW automotive making a number of changes to the drivetrain and powertrain

Obviously, the Marsien features a heavily reworked suspension setup with adjustable dampers.

It also sits close to 10 inches off the ground so that it can be driven off the pavement with ease

All Marsiens come standard with a full-length underbody aluminum skid plate,

as well as a selection of two custom forged center-lock wheel styles shod either in Michelin UHP or All-Terrain rubber.

Production is limited to just 40 examples with prices starting at $587,000, excluding taxes and the donor Porsche. Swipe up to read more.

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