2023 Porsche 911 Turbo Facelift spied for the first time

An updated Porsche 911 Turbo has been spotted testing. It brings subtle, but interesting exterior updates

We see a first preview of the 2023 updates for the Porsche 992 and the 911 Turbo is the first one to get them

The Porsche 992 has been around since 2019, which is why 2023 will see a facelift version of the rear-engine sports car

More than meets the eye

We believe the facelift will not be limited to the exterior, which has benefited from subtle, but important revisions. Given the official debut is still some time away, we believe Porsche are tweaking the new aerodynamics and extra performance

The familiar 992 silhouette

When we said the 992.2 Turbo features subtle updates to the exterior, we really meant it. Virtually nothing has been changed o nthe sides of the car. We see the Turbo wheels, which are 1 of the 4 available wheel designs

What's new at the rear of the 992.2 Turbo?

Very few things have been changed at the rear. The multi-piece taillight replaces the uninterrupted strip, but retains identical design. The reflectors at the rear bumper are also new

Interesting revisions to the front of the Porsche 911 Turbo

The fog lights have been relocated to the outer edges of the front fascia and are similar to those of the 997.2 Turbo. The air intakes hide new flaps, which open and close depending on conditions

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The update for the Porsche 992 generation is scheduled for 2023, which means a debut, sometime in 2022. The Turbo will be the first one to get the revisions, without a doubt, accompanied by a bump in power. Maybe a mild hybrid?


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