800 Horsepower Audi RS6 Avant Battles a 950 Horsepower, 1967 Camaro Pikes Peak

Can a mildly modified Audi RS6 Avant take on a fully-blown Pikes Peak American classic? Find out, below

Another epic drag race from Hoonigan, between two completely different vehicles

It's old vs new, American vs European, as a mildly modified Audi RS6 Avant takes on a purpose-built, 1967 Pikes Peak Chevrolet Camaro

The Audi RS6 Avant is an Autobahn missile for the whole family to enjoy

Despite its 5,300-lbs weight, the car is very capable. In stock form, it makes 600 hp and 590 lb/ft from the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8. It also has Quattro AWD and a ZF 8-speed automatic. 0-60 mph is in 3.4 seconds

The Audi RS6 Avant's mighty V-8 responds very well to simple mods

The car has been tuned by Pacific German, in California. It features an intake, exhaust, and a tune. With only that, it now makes over 800 hp

But the classic Chevy Camaro is no slouch either

The car has been built to compete in Pikes Peak and has almost nothing in common with the stock one. The owner says, the build has been inspired by a WW2 fighter plane. It tips the scales at 3,200 lbs

It features a highly modified LS7 engine

The pushrod V-8 has been fully-built and features a Garrett G45 single turbo. It has been tuned down to 950 hp and is mated to a sequential transmission with paddle-shifters

The Audi redeems itself with a full interior

The Audi is both quick and usable. It still has a full interior that spoils you with luxury and high tech. There's also a generous cargo area behind the rear seats, which are also foldable

Meanwhile, the classic Camaro features a full race-spec interior

Everything non-essential has been removed. The car features leather bucket seats and has a new intake system, in order to equalize the air pressure in the cabin, at high altitudes. Apparently, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner

The races bear different results

Three 1,000-ft races were done. The first one was a head to head race from a dig. Audi jumps the start and wins, but the Camaro was reeling it in, fast. The 150 hp advantage comes in handy at the second half of the race

Round 2 is a rolling race

Once again, it's on 1,000 ft. From a roll, the Audi's AWD advantage has been negated. It's all about the power and the gearbox. The Pikes Peak Camaro takes a convincing win this time

The third and final race is, once again, a heads up, but there's a twist

The Camaro is not made for drag racing and has trouble launching, so it gets a car length. Meanwhile, the Audi RS6 Avant launches flawlessly, every time

The last race ends with a photo finish

Despite the extra weight, Audi consistently does perfect launches and puts the power down with less effort. The Camaro drives only the rear wheels and, thanks to the single turbo, it has turbo lag

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The Audi makes it look easy, despite having a much worse power-to-weight ratio. The Camaro, however, catches up fast towards the finish. However, in some races, it was too little too late. Would you have loved to see a longer race between the two?