A 586-Horsepower Suzuki GSXR Takes On Two Modified German Supercars

A 1,200 hp Audi R8 V-10, a 1,600 hp Porsche 911 Turbo, and a 586 hp bike line up for a drag race; who is going to win?

A long runway, an Audi R8 V-10, a Porsche 911 Turbo S, and a Suzuki GSXR. Average power output of over 1,200 hp.

The first contender is Auto Torque's Audi R8, featuring its AT1200 twin-turbo kit.

The car is capable of 1,200 hp. The 5.2-liter V-10 has been left stock.

ES Motor brought out its Porsche 911 (991) Turbo S, capable of 1,600 hp.

The 911 features a fully-built twin-turbo flat-six engine, now displacing 4.2 liters.

For this race, however, the car is using map 4 out of 6, which is good for 1,300 hp.

A 1991 Suzuki GSXR plans to give the two Germans a lot of trouble.

The 1,100 cc engine has been turbocharged and features methanol injection, among other mods. It's good for 586 hp.

Due to traction issues, the home-built crouch rocket has been detuned to 400 hp.

The R8 has the biggest engine, which combined with all-wheel-drive should make for a blistering start.

The Audi actually manages 2.21 seconds from 0 to 60 mph - the fastest ever tested on this YouTube channel.

The Porsche manages 2.28 seconds to 60 mph, but makes up in the later half, beating the Audi to the quarter-mile.

The Audi manages a 9.35-second time for the quarter-mile, at almost 160 mph.

The Porsche manages 9.12 seconds, at 164.4 mph.

For the half-mile, the Porsche manages 14.04 seconds at 197 mph vs the Audi's 14.41 seconds, at 193 mph.

Finally, the bike joins for a rolling race. A 70 mph rolling start is necessary to negate the GSXR's lack of traction.

The Suzuki's gearing, however, means it tops out at 186 mph, while the two cars are capable of way over 200 mph.

Despite that, the crouch rocket holds its own against the Germans, only losing to one of them.

The Audi's responsive and rev-happy V-10 allowed it to rocket off the line.

The Porsche's mighty torque, however, makes it a formidable weapon.

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