A 9-Year Old Concept and the Toyota GR86 Could Lead To A New Lexus Sportscar

Everyone has forgotten about the Lexus LF-CC Concept, and yet it could be the basis for a new Lexus sportscar

The vehicle you see here is the 2012 LF-CC Concept

Despite being a coupe, it was used to preview the third-generation Lexus IS sedan.

Some of the styling language is still used today, although it has been evolved a bit over the last decade

Today, however, we’re looking back at it as it could represent a new Lexus Sports car

A rumor hatched through a Japanese website Spyder 7 claims that Lexus is working on a smaller performance coupe

It could be called the Lexus UC, aka “Urban Coupe”

According to the rumor, it will ride on a stretched version of the same platform that underpins the Toyota GR86

Since Lexus hasn’t changed its design all that much, this LC-FF Concept could be a good starting point

And that goes for the interior too, which isn’t so futuristic by today’s standards

The screen on the center console won’t be as sleek, but a large, secondary tablet display isn’t out of the question

While the infotainment system will likely be identical to that from the 2022 Lexus NX

Under the hood, we’ll probably see the same 2.4-liter flat-four from the GR 86 and BRZ

But that engine’s output of 228 horsepower and 184 pound-feet won’t be good enough

Which is probably why the Lexus UC will be electrified, probably with a mild-hybrid powertrain

Power output could reach beyond the 300 HP mark while a UC F could breach 400 HP

If rumors of the Lexus UC are true, don’t expect to see it right away, though

Unless it’s already in development, we won’t see it until at least late 2023 or earl 2024

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