A Big Money Offer Could Seal The Fate Of Lamborghini Once and For All

A new consortium has offered up unthinkable amounts of money for Lamborghini and WAG might not be able to say no

The Volkswagen Auto Group was considering selling off Lamborghini back in 2020

But the company eventually turned down an offer that came in shortly thereafter.

Now, however, a new offer on the Lamborghini brand has been made

And it might be too good for VAG to turn down

A consortium comprised of Quantum Group AG and Centricus Asset Management

Has offered VAG €7.5 billion or $9.175 billion at current exchange rates for Lamborghini

As part of the deal, the consortium would seek a five-year supply deal with Audi (who controls Lamborghini along with Bentley)

A move that suggests it wants to ramp up production and increase the number of vehicles produced and sold by Lamborghini each year.

In their words, the Lamborghini would become a

“spearhead for innovation by consistently implementing new clean drivetrain technologies.”

As for what happens now, that’s a big mystery, but it won’t be as cut and dry as a simple business transaction

Especially when you consider that an Audi Spokesperson has blatantly said

“Lamborghini is not for sale”

Should VAG sell off Lamborghini and what would you think about an increase in production?

Swipe up to learn more about this proposed deal and let us know what you think!

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