A Dodge RAM 1500 TRX That Can Keep Up With 10-Second Mustangs In The 1/4 Mile

This physics-defying truck packs some serious punch and is designed with one goal, to decimate the 1/4 mile

What you're looking at, folks, is one of the fastest trucks out there. As you read in the title, this RAM TRX 1500 can easily keep up with sub-10 second Mustangs

Dubbed the Big Blue, this one comes to you courtesy of motorsport and dusterhofftuning, who have truly worked their magic on this rig

While the TRX is already pretty lethal out of the box with its 6.2-liter HEMI V-8 mill that puts to 702 hp & 650 lb-ft of torque

Additional mods including a STage 4 TRX power package, ported blower, 10% o.d. lower puller and a smaller lower pully has helped this truck to turn up the heat

Thrown in a dash of nitrous and it helps propel this 7000 lbs TRX into the low 10s

The Drag Racing and Car Stuff channel put out a video of the Big Blue taking on three different generations of Mustang

The Big Blue was able to consistently pull low 10 seconds 1/4 mile passes

With a fastest time of 10.01 seconds at 134. I wouldn't see this one to get into the high 9s soon. Swipe up to read more about the Big Blue.