A New AMG GT Coupe Will Cruise Next to the New SL Roadster

The Mercedes Design Chief has confirmed that the new SL doesn’t replace the GT and the two will coexist harmoniously

The 2023 Mercedes-AMG SL was launched recently and it was speculated to replace the GT. Such were the SL’s credentials it seemed very believable, but as it turns out, both the models will coexist

Mercedes’ Design Chief, Gorden Wagener, has confirmed in an interview with ‘Road and Track’ that the new SL is not a replacement of the AMG GT. In fact, the next-gen model of the latter will be coming in the future

Wagener noted that the new SL is an AMG-exclusive car now, it is a luxurious cruiser first and doesn’t take the GT’s place in the portfolio which is “more of a race car or sports car,”

Differentiating the two, Wagener said that the SL comes with stuff like the latest MBUX system, the electronic features, driving assistance systems, etc., but the GT doesn’t because “it is a pure driving car”

For what it’s worth, AMG’s lineup seems to have something or the other for every type of customer as long as you’re willing to spend lavishly

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