Does This New EV Prove That the Chinese Will be Leaders in Electric Range?

The Chinese GAC Aion LX will soon enter production and offer 620 miles of range

This Chinese EV promises to destroy the competition, in terms of range

The GAC Aion LX promises 620 miles of range without solid-state batteries, which is impressive

The Aion LX actually cmae out in 2019, but back then it could only do up to 404 miles

For 2022, however, the EV crossover is equipped with a 150 kWh battery

The 2022 Aion LX managed 562 miles on the NEDC scale. Moreover, it did it in over 96 deg Fahrenheit and 90 percent humidity

In such atmospheric conditions, EVs are known to lose around 17 percent of their maximum range, on average

For comparison, the Tesla Model S Long Range has a 100 kWh battery and a claimed range of 405 miles

The GAC Aion LX has two electric motors that make a total of 408 hp and 516 lb/ft

However, there's also a 184 hp single-motor base version, with a 311-mile range

The Aion LX starts from the equivalen of around $38,000, but the 620-miel model costs around $54,000

For now, the Aion LX focuses on the local and neighboring markets, Australia included

However, the jump in sales could direct the attention towards the US market

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