A Ram TRX Just Raced a Challenger and Some Other Unsuspecting Prey

Dodge’s top of the line performance truck takes on a Challenger, a BMW and an Old Chevy 1500 in a couple of passes

A stock 2021 RAM 1500 TRX shows up at the drag strip to do a couple of standing quarters. Lets see how it fares

The first car to take on Dodge's full-size pick-up truck is an E90 3 Series, which does seem to carry some mods. We didn't have the specs of the Beemer on hand

The lights turn green, and the BMW got away first, with the driver of the TRX occupied with the center screen

Despite the pickup driver's poor start, the TRX made up for it clocking in a quicker time of 12.72 seconds opposed to the BMWs 13.45 seconds

Next in line to face-off, the TRX was its Mopar brother, a Challenger R/T Scat Pack

Both vehicles are powered with the same 6.2 L HEMI V-8 engine, with the Pick-Up truck churning out 702 hp, while the muscle car produces close to 100 more horses, totalling to 800 HP

The hammer drops and the muscle car struggles slightly to put its power down. The TRX's driver ,meanwhile had a much better reaction time

The RAM truck ran close to the Challenger all the way to the line. The Pick-Up managed 12.97 seconds, while the Challenger was a shy quicker at 12.77 seconds

For the third and final race, we have what looks like an old 90's Chevy truck. It's certainly got sleeper looks

Don't be fooled by its modest appearance, as this Black Chevy is rocking a reverse hood scoop and some performance Hoosier drag tires

Both Pick-Ups line up at the Christmas Lights for launch

The lights turn green and the Chevy lept forward, the Dodge's reaction time also wasn't that bad

But the Chevy stayed in the lead all the way till the end and took the win. The Chevrolet clocked in a time of 11.60 seconds while the RAM managed 12.65 seconds to complete the quarter-mile

It is staggering to see how far performance pick-up trucks have come. We wonder as to how they'd fare with some mods and performance rubber. Swipe Up to Read More.