A Sheriff in a Ford Explorer Races a Nissan GT-R and a Shelby GT500

One of these three cars gets destroyed. Any guesses?

It's not everyday that you see the Sheriff show up in his squad car at the Drag Strip do you? Well a Ford Explorer from Jefferson County showed up at the Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado

But this sheriff wasn't here for a hot pursuit. Instead, it went up against the mighty Nissan GT-R, aka Godzilla

The Cop Car even had its lights and siren on before the Christmas Tree lit up green

It was no contest from the get go and the GT-R pulled hard, right from the launch

The Cop Car set off after the GT-R, which managed a quarter mile time of 11.13 seconds at 127.02 mph while the Explorer managed 16.06 seconds at 88.15 mph

Next, it was Ford vs Ford Battle, with the cop car now going up against a Mustang Shelby GT500

The lights turn green and once again, the Explorer didn't stand a chance

The Mustang managed a time of 12.87 seconds at 115.32 mph while the Sheriff clocked in 16.51 seconds at 87.61 mph

I guess this officer was at the drag strip to have a fun day out and promote safe racing. It would be so much fun to see a tuned one show up on track. Swipe Up to Read More.