A Very Rare Toyota MR2 TRD 2000GT Is Up For Auction

This very rare MR2 TRD 2000GT is up for grabs, and it’s beyond special

Inspired by Japanese motorsports

The TRD treatment turns the MR2 into a GT300 class JGTC racer

Wider and more lightweight than ever

Extensive use of fiberglass and a wide body, made it 4 inches wider than standard

Some cars had the optional performance package, and this is one of them.

Up to 500 horsepower thanks to Technocraft's performance enhancements

35 were made

Each has a unique VIN number and is designated as a TRD 2000GT

Serial number 35 means that this is the last one made

Since 1995, the car had driven 149,000 miles

It's more affordable than you may think...for now

The current bid is only $13,750

It's about to be auctioned off at the end of June

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