A Whole Lot of Stupid: Watch An AMG C63 Drift Into Disaster While Endangering Lives

If his plan was to wreck the Mercedes-AMG C63 with utter disdain, then he’s done a great job

YouTube channel Speedster404 uploaded a video of some car meetup wherein an AMG C63 can be seen getting abused while drifting and doing donuts on broken pavement

The pavement has enough potholes and cracks to serve as a suspension-testing ground. But this dude decided to smoke some rubber here

The AMG C63 was doing all sorts of shenanigans with people in close proximity. Some guys were even leaning outside the windows and opening the doors while in action

After a few rounds, the car suffered its first damage - a rear tire blown and the rear bumper ripped off

But, that didn’t stop them from continuing the stupidity

This time, they end up hitting a big crack while swerving sideways that left the rear wheel and the suspension damaged

Well, this video shows that there's no dearth of stupidity in the world

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