An Epic All-American Drag Race Between Three Modified Muscle Cars

A Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger line up for a drag Battle. Which will prove to be the ultimate Muscle Car?

A very American drag race took place on Carwow UK

All three cars are modified, but only one can be a winner

Introducing the Mustang GT King Cobra

Its supercharged V-8 puts out 735 hp and 510 lb/ft

Is this a drag setup?

The Mustang is fitted with drag radials, but also a tall rear wing. Very unlikely for a drag race

Pre-loading the gearbox for the perfect launch

Through the 6-speed automatic, the rear tires are being lit

The Camaro is the lightest of the bunch

It also has 2 more gears to play with than the Mustang, but doesn't have drag radials

It also has a mighty pushrod V-8

The 6.2-liter unit features a centrifugal supercharger and is good for 650 hp and 510 lb/ft

The oldest platform of the bunch

Dodge still makes use of the Mercedes platform. However, it shouldn't be underestimated

4 liters of Hemi V-8

With a pro-charger on it, it puts out 650 hp and 510 lb/ft. It also has an 8-speed auto

The Mustang draws first blood

The first drag race is won by the Mustang GT

But the Camaro is faster

The Camaro had a bad start, but was closing in at the later half

Meanwhile, Dodge had to start from 2nd gear to prevent wheelspin

It made a perfect start, but it simply had too much weight to lug around

The Camaro redeems itself in the 2nd race

A convincing win against the Mustang and Challenger

A rolling race gives the Challenger a chance

It kicked down the quickest and the Mustang barely overtook it

However, the Camaro was the most consistent winner

It won the most races

The Mustang wins the braking test

While the Camaro stops only slightly faster than the Challenger

The Challenger is consistently last, but does it matter?

It's also the most spacious and can seat four

The Mustang is a good all-rounder

Sadly that's why it couldn't beat the Camaro, which is the sportiest of the bunch

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Which one would you take home?