Aston Martin Accidentally Teased a New Version of the Valkyrie Hypercar

A tipoff online reveals renderings of a far more aggressive Valkyrie

A scoop tipped off to Jalopnik reveals a new variant of the Aston Martin Valkyrie on the British Automakers Official Site.

The URL was private and is no longer live. Aston Martin did not wish to comment when contacted by Jalponik.

The Valkyrie was developed in collaboration with Red Bull Advance Technologies in 2017

It was conceived by engineering genius Adrian Newey and Red Bull Racing's F1 Team Principal, Christian Horner

The Valkyrie is a Formula One race car with a body. It was designed from the ground up with everyday usability in mind.

Aston's hyper car is rocking a bonkers 6.5-liter Cosworth V-12 that quite literally revs up to eleven (11,000 rom)

This latest leak, however, hints at something even more extreme

The front splitter is more dominate

There's a new fin above the engine, seemingly inspired by the AMG Project One

And the rear spoiler is just out of this world!

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