Aston Martin Bull Dog Unveiled After a Painstaking 18 Month Restoration

This one off wedge shaped Aston from the 70s is unlike any other and is designed for speeds in excess of 200 mph

The fully restored 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog was unveiled at the Concours d’Elegance currently underway at Hampton Court Palace by the Royal Cadets

The wedge shaped Bulldog is a one of a kind Aston that was originally conceived in the late 70's to be the fastest car in the world

Right from its conceptulization, the Bulldog was designed to achieve speeds over 200 mph

Aston's goal was to showcase and demonstrate its engineering might and capabilities to the world

The original Bull-dog is a concept car designed by William Towns back in the late 70's

The car was unveiled in 1980 and achieved speeds of 191 moh at the Mira Test track. But the project was abandoned by Victor Gauntlett, who was Aston's then CEO, due to cost constraints

The only Bulldog in existence was sold off and switched hands a few times, with the car eventually ending up in the United States

After 35 years, the car underwent a thorough restoration from the ground up. Classic Motor Cars or CMC, based in the U.K. were tasked with the restoration

The car was put together meticulously by a team of skilled craftsmen, who collaborated with the original designers of the Bulldog

Over 6500 man hours went into the restoration process, where in the car was stripped to its metal

And their results are nothing short of stunning. This gullwinged Aston, despite being over three decades old still looks futuristic

The Aston Martin Bulldog features a 5.3 liter V-8 engine that produces 600 hp with twin turbo chargers

Despite being a British made car, this particular Aston only comes with left hand drive. The interior too has been beautifully put together, although with a very brown 70's theme

The Aston Martin Bulldog is now finally being prepped for a slew of test runs at a Royal Navy air station, where it will eventually be driven to its planned top speed of 200 miles per hour.

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