Audi's New RS Q E-Tron Off-Roader Takes Extreme to the Next Level

Audi’s 2022 Dakar Rally racer is an experiment in brutal design and impressive performance

Audi’s Dakar Rally ambitions have manifested into reality in the form of this car, the RS Q E-Tron

While it wears the E-Tron name, it’s not without a fuel-powered engine, but it is – technically – an EV

There are two electric motors borrowed from the 2021 E-Tron FE07 Formula E car

And a motor-generator unit that’s paired with the 2.0-liter inline-four borrowed from DTM

This engine, however, serves as a range-generator only with the MGU and engine charging the 50 kWh battery under heavy load

In the end, total system output is rated at 671 horsepower or 500 kW

Accoridng to Audi, the gasoline engine runs at a “particularly efficient range” between 4,500 and 6,000 RPM

We don’t have any other performance details at this point, but the Q E-Tron must meet Dakar Rally weight requirements

So it must weigh at least 2,000 kg or 4,409 pounds

With that much weight, the RS Q E-Tron will be pretty quick, but don’t expect it to be THAT fast

The RS Q E-Tron will participate in the 2022 Dakar Rally but will make several appearances while testing until then

It will even play a part in various cross-country rallies through the second half of 2021!

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