BAD NEWS is Kevin Hart's Twin-Turbo Camaro Refresh

This ’69 Camaro was built by Timeless Kustoms for the American Standup Comedian

Stand-up comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, loves his muscle cars and has commissioned several bespoke builds for himself

One of his most recent builds to hit the road is BAD NEWS, which is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro with twin-turbos

YouTuber Shawn Davis from Autotopia LA got a chance to catch up with Jason from Timeless Kustoms

Timeless Kustoms have built several Muscle Cars for Kevin Hart

This particular example seen here was built over ten years ago, but it was stripped down and the engine and transmission were given a once over

Kevin wanted a refresh and hence a fresh coat of satin black paint was applied

This custom Camaro features an Art Morrison G Max Chassis

Under the hood lies a D-Stroked LSX based LS7 with 380 cubic inches and a 9:1 compression ratio

It has 68 mm Turbonetics ball-bearing turbos that provide phenomenal performance and boost

The engine produces 650 HP & 680 WTQ

Other mods include a C6 front suspension setup up front and a triangulated nine-inch four-link at the rear

Carbon Ceramic Brakes

A stainless header that feeds the turbos. This Camaro doesn't have a muffler

The interior was put together by Sean Smith Design Studio

It features custom gauges and clocks behind a leather-wrapped flat bottom steering wheel

High quality machined switch gear

Leather-wrapped bucket seats with racing harnesses and a roll cage

You'll find BAD NEWS proudly slapped on the dash

Spec check done, it's time to hit the road

Shawn has driven this Camaro before and the Chassis and suspension setup still remain as rock solid and flawless as before

Although, he notices a drastic difference in the way the boost builds and is available from as low as 5000 revs

Even slightly getting on the gas provides a phenomenal response and sound

BAD NEWS, as with Kevin's other builds, shows us that the man has extraordinary taste. Thanks to Timeless Kustoms. Swipe Up to Read More

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