Best Cars Of 2021

Our list is made up of some of the most significant models that stood out this year

2021 was a challenging year for the auto industry, but we still got to see some fantastic cars make their debut. Let's begin with the retro-futuristic Ioniq 5 EV from Hyundai

While this model isn't Hyundai's very first EV, it is certainly a model that has caught everyone's attention with its radical new design. The base model priced under $40k, with 220 miles of range could give the Tesla Model 3 a tough time

Speaking of Tesla, we had the ballistic Model S Plaid make its debut in June. Ever since it went on sale, owners have been annihilating the competition at dragstrips across the country, thanks in part to the 1020 hp from its tri-motor setup

Step inside and what immediately catches your attention is the Yoke steering. Apart from that the interior as a whole gets some significant updates over the outgoing model, which should help the Model S retain its crown as the best overall EV

While we had an onslaught of EVs this year, 2021 also saw some highly anticipated ICE cars make their debut, like the Chevy C8 Corvette Z06, that's rocking the most powerful naturally aspirated V-8 ever, in the form of the new LT6

The optional Z07 package is even more track-focused and adds additional aero and performance upgrades that can give any European exotic a run for its money, all for under $100k

Continuing with sportscars, the production Spec of the Nissan Z also debuted in NYC a few months ago, which thankfully looks a lot like the Proto that was showcased by the Japanese brand last year

The Nissan Z gets a bang-up to date cabin, which is a far cry over the outgoing 370Z along with a potent V6 that produces 400 horsepower and the option of a manual gearbox. That's a lot of sports car for an estimated $40k

The Lotus Emira also made headlines as it will be the very last gas-powered sports car from the British marque. Many are hailing it as a Mini Evija, purely based on the design

Unlike previous Lotus models which were outright track weapons, the mid-engined Emira offers everyday usability with the same lightweight driving characteristics that you associate with Lotus. You have the option of an AMG or Toyota sourced powetrain

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS that broke cover at the LA Auto show last month has to be one of the all-time greats. Why? Because Porsche have finally given its mid-engined sports car the performance upgrades that it deserves

The optional Weissach package adds several aero components with the engine now sourced from a 911 racing cup car. The new 718 GT4 RS is a track weapon for the road and managed to get around the Nüburgring in 7:04:511

We can't round up our list of best cars, without talking about trucks and this year also saw the revival of the compact pickup class, with models like the Ford Maverick. Built on the same Built Ford Tough philosophy, the Maverick packs a lot for the money

The Maverick according to Ford is a truck for nontruck people and is ideal for people who tread the urban jungle. With a base price of $20k, this is a well rounded truck with a well rounded cabin, engines and the fantastic flex-bed system

Another compact pickup that debuted this year was the Hyundai Santa Cruz. With a radical new design, that you don't necessarily associate with a truck, the Santa Cruz is certainly a looker

Hyundai has tried really hard to distinguish it from the Tucson that it is based on. The bed isn't as usable as the Mavericks, but the Santa Cruz is more of a lifestyle truck than a workhorse

Believe it or not, we got an all-new Toyota Tundra in 2021 after 14 long years and Toyota has gone all out with this one. The styling is now more in your face than ever, thanks to that big grille. The old V-8 is gone and in its place is a new V6

You can even get the 3.5 liter V6 with a hybrid now. But the changes done to the cabin of the new Tundra have leapfrogged it into the modern era. With the new 6.5 foot bed and Toyota's legendary reliability, Toyota has finally upped its game with Tundra

Next, we have a big one from the Blue Oval. It is of course the Ford F-150 Lightning. Ford beat the competition by bringing an all-electric variant of one of their most popular trucks to market. With 200k orders, Ford stopped taking new reservations

The base model with 230 miles of range starts at around $40k which is a juicy proposition. With its innovative bed, the F-150 lighting is a true F Series pickup. The highlight feature is the ability to power your home with the Lightning in case of a power

It's not that often you see an all-new generation of Range Rover, but this fifth-generation model takes the luxury quotient even further. Land Rover has cleaned up the design and will offer some new hybrid powertrains

With a sticker price starting around $104k, the new Range Rover isn't cheap, but it does Luxury so well, that it begs the questions as to why would you need a Bentagya. An all-electric Range ROver is also in the works

Last on our list is the mighty Land Cruiser LC 300 series. Now this model unfortunately won't come to the United States, but it is a significant model for other global markest and a new LC is a big deal anyway

However, a Lexus Variant in the LX 600 will hit our shores. Coming the LC300 is based on an all-new GA-F platform that saves a couple of hundred pounds in weight. You can read more about our round-up of Best Cars of 2021 by Swiping Up!


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